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Our Story

We’ve Loving Every Minute Of Our Journey


Your Experience 

We want our client to not just see Scorpio Studios as another salon but as a space you can come to recharge your batteries and bring your full self back out into the world.  We treat every client with dignity and respect because that is how we were raised.  People and connection to people matter and we want to connect with you.

​Working Since 2000

David our Lead stylist has been cutting and styling hair for over 21 years.  Gary our operations manger has been in the supply chain and customer service industry for 25 years.  These two together are the foundation of all the great things that Scorpio Studios has done and continues to do.

Our Team

We are committed to your Style

David Medina

Senor Stylist/Salon Manager

David keeps the Salon running and keeps the client happy.  If he isn't at the salon he is designing or building something for it.

Gary Rockrohr

Managing Member/Director or Operations

Gary runs the non-hair related part of the salon.  Don't be surprised to see him on a Saturday or Sunday helping with a register or checking inventory levels.

What Our Clients Say

This experience was great! Clearly customer service is just as important as the haircut to David! Looking forward to my next appointment.

Kim Worthen

Frisco, TX

I got a treatment for my dry, color treated hair and it feel so soft and healthy! He took off some dead, dry ends but didn’t take away any length, just like I asked! His salon is so clean and tidy and cozy! Can’t wait to get another treatment again! David is the best!

Katarina Cameron

The Colony, TX

I came in before my job interview.  I am not saying it is why I go the job, but it sure helped

Mark Longview

Frisco, TX

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